We are a team of designers and builders who are creative minded and passionate about our trade – we love what we do! When it comes to design, the possibilities are limitless. When it comes to building, we are right in the action every step of the way. We value designing each project with purpose and personalization and we see it through until the job is done. From the initial trenches for the foundation, to the finishing detail of the custom trim work, we are there. With excellence and wholeheartedness as our standard, we believe in a job done well.

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Another member of the team is Andrew Wiegand, Fred’s son, who came on board full-time in 2004. He grew up learning the business and now brings his innovative and technical abilities to each of the projects. Andrew’s main roles are in drafting, managing the projects and being hands-on in the excavation division. Andrew enjoys dual sport riding, hiking, and traveling with his wife.

Lead Designer and Operations


MEET Crystal

Bringing a distinctive design perspective, Crystal Wiegand is a creative force and your trusted advisor throughout the entire design process. By sharing her expertise, she’ll help you to envision a truly bespoke aesthetic for the home of your dreams. She finds inspiration everywhere, including well-designed cafes, homes, and storefronts during her international travels, as well as in the raw beauty of nature. Crystal’s design ethos is focused on feel, bringing texture, color, and light into each space. In her free time, she enjoys exploring local farmers markets, traveling, and sipping on a great cappuccino, alongside her husband, Andrew, and their three kids.



MEET Maralyn

With a strong background in accounting and business coordinating, Marilyn Wiegand handles the accounting details and daily office tasks. She keeps the particulars of each job in order and up to date. Marilyn enjoys spending time outdoors, biking, reading, and being with her family and grandchildren. 

Business Administrator & Accounts Manager



In 1994, Jason Long joined the team and for over two decades has contributed his gifted woodworking skills and expertise in all facets of the construction process. Jason is typically onsite overseeing the subcontractors and is hands-on with the fine details of each project. Outside of work, you’ll find Jason in his sawmill or tinkering in his shop, hunting, or camping with his family.

foreman & skilled carpenter


MEET Andrew


Fred Wiegand began his work in construction at the age of 15, working for a local contractor. After graduating from college, he returned to the construction field and was mentored by a successful homebuilder. It wasn’t long before Fred decided to take his passion for building one step further. In 1982, he and his wife, Marilyn, launched this business. 

While Fred is no longer with us today, we work to honor his legacy each and every day. To be in Fred’s presence was to be at ease — he was a joyful, hard-working, and kind-hearted man who lit up every room he was in. Fred loved working with clients to build their dream homes, and he put his heart and soul into every build he worked on. He was creative and detail-oriented, always putting the needs of his clients first. Even after Fred's passing, we are proud to continue his legacy of superior workmanship and quality craftsmanship.

Listening to your ideas is vital in working with you to design your home. We highly value your thoughts as we partner to build your home.


We are committed to bringing lasting quality. From start to finish, it’s about working smarter in each step from the design straight through to the delivery.


For a job to flow smoothly, there needs to be partnership between the client, the builder and the subcontractors. It takes a team to successfully deliver the quality home you dreamt of.


Partnering with experienced subcontractors. Detailed work takes time. We schedule our jobs with adequate time to do the job without compromise.